APOLLON 2024 - New features

Workshop processing at assembly level

APOLLON now makes it very easy to distinguish between construction site and workshop processing. You can use the practical context menu to mark machining operations as workshop machining operations. This automatically transfers and manages drill holes or extrusions and their designations to all relevant bar assemblies.

Transfer to subordinate assemblies in the model tree is possible up to one level lower. Manually created machining operations within a bar assembly are automatically recognized as workshop machining operations, but without a special icon.

Thanks to the “Update construction” function, changes to the source are seamlessly transferred to the entire construction. This innovative technology can also be used for LogiKal elements.

APOLLON specific icons

Experience the improved user-friendliness of the model browser: New icons make it even quicker and easier to identify the special APOLLON objects.

Replacement for command facade

The former ‘Facade’ command has been expanded to include additional options and has therefore been split into several separate commands or supplemented.


Discover our improved command structure for designing facades! Now the element creation function has been integrated into the new ‘Lay element’ command, which allows you to easily create elements based on a base element.

Lay element

Our revised ‘Facade’ command now offers even more functionality! In addition to the tried-and-tested façade design, you can now use the new ‘Lay element’ command to easily create elements based on a basic element. Creating an element façade is made easy with APOLLON.

Convert to base element

Easily transform your reference elements into independent copies with our new ‘Base element’ command. Discover the freedom to flexibly adapt and optimize your designs!

Assign element

Intuitively assign cropped or already assigned elements to a new surface. Optimize your workflows with our intuitive assignment command and experience maximum efficiency in design!

Cut element

Optimize the way you work with our new command for detaching and repositioning elements from the skeleton. With ‘Assign element’ you save valuable time, especially when adapting LogiKal elements. Experience and efficient design!

Simplified representation for seals and insulators

For the gaskets and insulators classes, we now show the cutting contours instead of the detailed cross-section in the model as standard. This significantly reduces the number of surfaces, curves and edges, resulting in improved performance. With the new ‘Change model state’ command, you can switch to the detailed display at any time and make your work more precise.

Further details on these new features can be found in our APOLLON Help.

Discover how you can improve the way you work with our innovative functions!

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