ATHENA Exchange for Autodesk Revit

The CAD-PLAN Revit app “ATHENA Exchange for Revit” enables the quick and easy exchange of BIM data between ATHENA and Revit. If Revit models are provided by the architect, the façade planner can now use the app to save Revit dummy families as AutoCAD drawings and edit them in ATHENA.

The typical Revit dummies, i.e. the rectangular representations of e.g. window, door or façade elements, are replaced in ATHENA by corresponding profile contours – with the option of adjusting the parameters of the elements and adding profile information.

The elements edited in ATHENA are prepared for import into Revit, and the Revit dummy families are automatically updated with the correct profile contours.

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App Download

"ATHENA Exchange for Revit" is available for download in the Autodesk App Store