ATHENA - The perfect CAD software for curtain wall design and facade engineering

What is ATHENA?

ATHENA is CAD software that is specially tailored to the needs of metal and facade builders. With ATHENA, designers receive everything they need for their daily tasks in order to be able to work precisely and efficiently. Our software is perfectly tailored to the needs of our customers and offers a variety of functions that facilitate the design process.

  • 2D design: a 2D drawing environment with practical routines and libraries for producing elevations, cross-sections, and workshop drawings.
  • 3D design: a versatile 3D design section with the possibility of generating parts lists and production drawings automatically from a 3D design.
  • Engineering: powerful computational tools for structural analysis and building physics.
  • Sheet editing: a sheet editing program for sheet design and development.

ATHENA is independent of profile systems and can be matched to individual needs. Ideal for international design: ATHENA labels all the customer objects fully automatically and can translate a drawing into each of the 10 languages currently contained in ATHENA on the press of a key.

ATHENA is available in two editions

ATHENA for AutoCAD: ATHENA as an add-on to AutoCAD.
ATHENA Complete: Stand-alone solution with fully integrated AutoCAD.

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ATHENA Trial Version

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ATHENA 2D Design

With its powerful and highly intelligent 2D tools, ATHENA helps you create sectional and elevation plans, floor plans and production drawings.

  • Routines for semi-finished parts, foils, thermal insulation, welded seams or panels simplify your drawing.

  • Extensive and freely expandable libraries, e.g. for profile systems, standard parts or manufacturer parts, provide an overview in the drawings.

  • Sophisticated dimensioning functions are at your disposal for quick dimensioning.

  • Intelligent objects allow simple changes at the push of a button.


You have finished the connection details and now simply collect the 2D objects in your drawing in the project browser. Now all objects are there structured and sorted by products. Because they have information that goes beyond 2D, the drawn objects can be output quite easily as parts lists or production drawings. Direct transfer to ERP or the machines is also possible.

ATHENA 3D Design

The three-dimensional design of facades has never been so easy. With ATHENA, you can create slanted polygonal facades, pyramids, glass roofs, oriels and other complex geometries quickly and easily and prepare them for production.

  • With a clear axis model, you create the basis for an extensive 3D design.
  • In just a few steps, you can assign profile groups, including connectors and small parts, or fillings, such as glass or panels, to the axis model.
  • You can also assign machining operations such as drill holes and complex notches.
    You receive production drawings or parts lists from the 3D design.
  • A transfer to costing and ERP/PPS systems and NC-X, STEP or SAT output for production are available to you.

ATHENA Sheet metal processing

With the sheet metal processing program, you design sheet metal parts in the simplest way and have the unwinding generated automatically.

The features of ATHENA sheet metal processing:

  • Clear dialog boxes for entering basic sheet metal data and machining operations.
  • Many different joint types for bending.
  • Processings such as holes and punchings, also with their own contours and as punching rows.
  • A 3D viewer for permanent visual control.
  • Various import and export options for drawing data.

ATHENA Statics and Building Physics

Always on the safe side: The calculation functions for structural analysis and building physics in ATHENA are sophisticated tools for pre-dimensioning during the planning process. Determine, for example, the center of gravity, surface moments of inertia or resistance, deflection, thermal resistance or sound insulation dimensions.

ATHENA Interfaces

ATHENA is fully BIM capable. Via the integrated IFC interface, 3D façade models can be transferred to Autodesk Revit, for example, and collision checks with other trades can be carried out, among other things. Optionally available is the ATHENA Exchange Revit plug-in, which ensures bidirectional data exchange between Revit and ATHENA (and vice versa).

Interfaces to the metal construction programs Logikal (Orgadata) and ERPlus (T.A. Project) are also available.

System requirements

Here you will find all relevant data on the system requirements of ATHENA