ATHENA Administration Workshop

Install, set up and prepare everything perfectly

In this administration workshop, participants (mainly CAD administrators and CAD representatives) are shown and taught the basic AutoCAD and ATHENA administration topics. Upon completing this course, participants will be able to deliver the training to other people within their company who have not received it directly from our trainer.

The following topics can be covered in this course:

  • How to install and license products bought from us.
  • Single-user or network installations.
  • Simplifying installation through facilities and automated installation.
  • How to set up the relevant drives and paths for main customization files, template files, plot style tables, common AutoCAD and ATHENA files.
  • Company’s own template file with title block.
  • Company’s own layer structure and material database.
  • Company’s own customization files and menu tools.
  • How sheet metal tables can be adapted to the company.

ATHENA Administration Workshop

1-2 days or by agreement, depending on the type of installation and the number of topics and workplaces to be set up.

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