APOLLON offers comprehensive 3D modeling for all types of element, mullion-transom and sheet metal facades in metal construction.

What is APOLLON?

APOLLON is a comprehensive 3D CAD/Modeling software specially developed for design in metal construction and facade engineering. With APOLLON you can easily design and construct mullion-transom, element or free-form facades. From the creation of the model to the production of manufacturing plans, parts lists and CNC outputs for the machine, APOLLON offers everything you need. As a standalone product, APOLLON is the perfect complement to ATHENA and is based on Autodesk Inventor® to give you the best possible performance.

  • Easy to use (ideal for Inventor® users)
  • Interface to AutoCAD / ATHENA
  • Interface to Revit, IFC
  • Mullion and transom facades
  • Unitized facades
  • Sheet metal construction including developments
  • Profile system independent
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Facades can usually be designed very easily and efficiently with ATHENA (CAD software for facade construction based on AutoCAD®). Sections in 2D, model generation in 3D. With ATHENA, this is very easy and efficient.

However, if the façade project is very complex and has many variants, fully parametric software can be useful. This is where APOLLON comes into play. With this product, parametric 3D modeling of a facade or facade elements is possible as an ideal supplement to ATHENA.

APOLLON is profile system-independent and developed for individual facade construction. For this reason, APOLLON does not contain any profile master data. The big advantage is the very fast and easy input of project profiles during construction. Changes to the project profile data, e.g. due to static requirements, are very easy to make. The master data thus grows over time.

System requirements

Here you will find all relevant data on the system requirements of APOLLON