JP Morgan Corporate Challenge 2023

On the warm summer evening of June 14, 2023, thousands of runners gathered in the vibrant financial metropolis of Frankfurt to participate in the annual JP Morgan Corporate Challenge. Among them was the motivated CAD-PLAN Team, consisting of 18 runners who embraced the challenge and showcased their team spirit.

The JP Morgan Corporate Challenge is more than just a running event. It is a unique opportunity for companies from around the world to bring their employees together for a sporting competition while emphasizing the importance of teamwork and health. The atmosphere was accordingly electric as participants donned their team jerseys and started with radiant faces.

The CAD-PLAN Team was well represented with 18 highly motivated runners, showcasing not only an impressive number of participants but also a remarkable mix of experience and enthusiasm. From novice runners to seasoned athletes, the team was diverse and ready for the challenge.

The route took the runners through the impressive skyline of Frankfurt, past well-known landmarks, and through green parks. The atmosphere was infused with team spirit and athletic ambition from the beginning. Employees from different companies cheered each other on, formed temporary alliances, and enjoyed the unique bond that sports can create.

The 18 runners of the CAD-PLAN Team conquered the course with distinction. The support from colleagues on the sidelines further motivated them. Crossing the finish line was not only an individual triumph but also a collective success for the entire team.