CANO Shopping Centre Singen

Central to the design of the CANO Shoppingcenter building are the anthracite-colored pilaster strips made from glass-fiber-reinforced concrete. These are reminiscent of volcanic rock and form a visually accentuated grid across the entire facade. The staggered concrete sections of the curtain wall posed a particular challenge. They were joined using aluminium and stainless steel supports made by in-house manufacturing department to form cantilevered composite elements. One of the main characteristics of the CANO are the large windows around the entire exterior of the building. The windows, especially those facing the city centre, invite visitors into the building. They use fall-proof glass, for which special test certificates were obtained in cooperation with the Technical University of Munich. When one looks beneath the building’s shell, the special, high-quality construction features that enabled successful completion can be seen.

Thank you to RONGE Metallbau for this reference and to ECE Group, developer, and operator of the shopping centre, who helped us with the great pictures.

RONGE Metallbau implemented this project with ATHENA.

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