CAD-PLAN takes over infomind GmbH

CAD-PLAN and infomind are pleased to announce the complete acquisition of the Swiss company infomind GmbH by CAD-PLAN GmbH. This acquisition represents a significant milestone in the strategy of both companies and promises considerable added value for customers.

About CAD-PLAN and infomind

CAD-PLAN is a renowned manufacturer of CAD software for metal construction and façade engineering with over 17,000 installations worldwide. The main product ATHENA is used in more than 70 countries. infomind is the manufacturer of the world’s leading software flixo, which is used for the thermal analysis and reporting of thermal bridges. By acquiring infomind, CAD-PLAN can drive forward the integration and further development of the flixo software, in particular by creating intelligent interfaces that enable seamless integration into the CAD-PLAN product portfolio. At the same time, flixo’s market position will be further strengthened.

Norbert Payer, Managing Director of CAD-PLAN, emphasizes: “Having sold flixo for more than 20 years, we are now in a position to integrate flixo more deeply into the CAD-PLAN product world, for example via intelligent interfaces. Of course, this applies in particular to ATHENA – although flixo will remain open to all CAD systems.”

The advantages of flixo

  • Compliance with global standards: Validated in accordance with EN ISO 10211 and EN ISO 10077-2
  • Appreciated worldwide: Used by many certification bodies in various countries such as ift, BFH, ITC, CNR or CSTB. Soon also certified for North America.
  • Proven FEM functionality: Offers robust functions for grid generation and calculation
  • Dynamic and intelligent reporting: Sophisticated, flexible reporting functions (compared to static result displays)
  • Modern user interface: high user-friendliness and familiar operating concepts based on MS Office and AutoCAD
  • Intelligent calculation linking: Calculations often depend on other calculations. If the original calculation is changed, the derived results do not have to be recalculated. This is done fully automatically – similar to Excel.
  • Automation and parameterization of calculations
  • Intelligent assistants: Tools that perform complex evaluations fully automatically.


infomind GmbH will continue to exist as an independent company. In addition, flixo will be technically integrated into the CAD-PLAN product portfolio. This integration will enable CAD-PLAN to offer its customers an even more comprehensive and powerful portfolio of solutions for thermal analysis and metal construction. infomind’s customers will benefit from a strengthened team in the areas of development, sales, support and training. The areas of application of flixo outside of façade technology and versions such as flixo energy will be retained and further developed.

With this strategic acquisition, CAD-PLAN strengthens its position as a leading provider of CAD software solutions and takes another important step towards innovation and customer orientation.